Brief History/Background of GA(Political) Department

Earlier there was no separate Department in the name of Political Department. The functions of the Political Department were performed by the Home (Political) Department. Since 1972, the Political Department has been functioning as an independent Department and disposing of matters specified in the Rules of Executive Business. Thereafter, it became a wing of the General Administration Department as per recommendation of the One-man Committee on Administrative Reforms (Tarun Dutta Committee). Since then it is known as General Administration (Political) Department. 
The General Administration (Political) Department is comparatively a small wing of the General Administration having least number of staffs. But it plays a key role in the State administration. This Department has also a major role in making co-ordination with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India and other foreign Missions. It is a Non-Plan Department of Government of Tripura. The Hon’ble Chief Minister is the Minister-in-Charge of GA(Political) Department. The Directorate of Sainik Welfare is under the administrative control of  GA(Political) Department. 

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